Demonstrated in our Story.
Cross of Christ Religious Stock Image

The Scripture reveals to us that God created the human race (us) to know Him deeply and to reflect His wonder through our story. In the very beginning of our story God’s enemy convinced us that pursuing our own divinity and writing our own story was a better life than living under God’s story for us. In that choice we did not find divinity, but death. We were lost to life and light and freedom. Since then our human nature propels us to chase after anything and everything that might fill the emptiness in our souls and give us security and control. We want to be the ruler of our own destiny, the sole author of our story. Despite our tendency towards rebellion, God has pursued humanity with intense love. Jesus, the Son of God, is the full expression of God’s rescue and restoration, as He became one of us. In His death and resurrection, Jesus rescued our souls and restored our purpose and offered us the freedom that we were created to enjoy under God’s divine authority and protection. Jesus is our rescue.

We believe that advancing God’s Kingdom doesn’t come through new ways of doing church, but through the ancient way — faithful preaching and contextualizing the unchanging gospel within a changing culture. First Baptist Church of Mary Esther teaches faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, as the only way to eternal life.
In Jesus and His rescue, we discover our new identity . . . our new story, and it changes everything. Rather than chasing after things that will fill us up or make us gods, we discover our God created purpose. We discover that we were created for a life of great purpose and significance. We discover that we belong to God and are invited to a life of deep devotion to Him and His kingdom. We are called into community because God has created us with a capacity for love and a desire for intimacy. Together, as a biblical community, a church family, we live a life of devotion and mission in and through Jesus. He is our identity and the source through which we experience peace and joy.

 As we find our RESCUE in Jesus, and discover our IDENTITY with Jesus and His church, our mission on planet earth grows out of our God given purpose as image bearers and reflections of God’s character, beauty and wonder. Our relationships become an opportunity to image God and demonstrate the freedom we have discovered in Jesus. Every circumstance becomes an opportunity to demonstrate the rescue we have found in Jesus. Every circumstance becomes an opportunity to demonstrate the Gospel (good news) of Jesus’ redemption and His love for us. Our whole life, every relationship, resource and circumstance becomes a part of our life on mission for God and His kingdom, demonstrating and declaring the Gospel, our great freedom in Jesus Christ.